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(4-93Berkley Plantation
Built in 1726, Berkley Plantation was the birthplace of William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States. After the Battle of Malvern Hill, Berkley Plantation, located at Harrison's Landing, played host to McClellan's battered army

(4-93Enlarge Berkley Plantation
General J.E.B. Stuart and his Confederate cavalry scouted the Union positions at Harrison's Landing and decided to lob a few rounds from their horse artillery into the Federal positions. One of cannon balls is still embedded in the wall of the kitchen of Berkley Plantation as shown in this photograph


(4-93Harrison's Landing
On July 8, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln landed here at Harrison's Landing to pay an unannounced visit to McClellan and to see for himself the condition of the Union army. He was impressed with the army's condition and moral; however, he was not impressed with McClellan

Lincoln left Harrison's Landing on July 9th; on July 10th he replaced McClellan as General-in-Chief with General Henry Halleck


(4-93Harrison's Landing
Legend has it that General Dan Butterfield, commander of the Union Fifth Corps, composed perhaps the most famous bugle calls of all time while at Harrison's Landing: Taps. Although it is questionable whether he did or not, this monument was erected by the Virginia American Legion at Harrison's Landing on July 4. 1969

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