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(2010) Enlarge Boxcar interior

(2010) Enlarge Boxcar interior


(2010) Enlarge Confederate troops

(2010) Enlarge United States  troops


(2010) Enlarge 76th Ohio Regimental Adjutant Desk Display: After the war, Lt. Charles Dana Miller retrieved the desk he had used from April 1862 - March 1864 as regimental adjutant for the 76th Ohio. A skilled wood artisan, Miller carved a commemorative history of his regiment's war experience onto it's exterior panels. The front of the desk folds down to provide a work area, exposing compartments and drawers for document storage. This unique desk is one of the finest examples of folk art to survive the American Civil War. (From Interpretive Marker)


(2010) Enlarge Pick and shovel warfare

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