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(3-93) Battery Robinett. Interior of the battery, east view. Site Marker at left: Confederates enter Robinett. "After entering the works we found ourselves opposed by an overwhelming force, and being without support and our lines broken... we had no alternative left but to fall back." Brig. Gen. John C. Moore, CSA

(3-93) Battery Robinett. South view along east wall. Site Marker: Death of Col. William P. Rogers of the 2nd Texas occurred near this spot as he led the third and final attack. This assault overran Battery Robinett, but was short-lived when the 11th Mo. (US) counter-attacked and retook the fortification 


Fallen Confederates lie in a gruesome heap near Battery Robinett. Col. Rogers is the bearded man at left

The ground in front of Battery Robinett. The body of Col. Rogers is near the stump. Compare with photo at right


(3-93) Battery Robinett, west view


(2005) Battery Robinett site. The view is looking toward the Confederate attack

Matt Hering photo

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