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(2010) Enlarge Corinth Civil War interpretive center

Steven Hippensteel photo

(2010) Enlarge Corinth Civil War interpretive center. Evacuation of Corinth

Steven Hippensteel photo


(3-93) Site of Rose Cottage. The cottage which stood here during the war years was painted pink; hence, its name. It was used as headquarters by CSA General Albert Sidney Johnston and later by USA General G.Q. Thomas. Johnston's body lay in state at Rose Cottage after his death at Shiloh


(3-93) Fish Pond House. Erected in 1856, the house had a copper-lined basin surrounded by a railing on the roof. It  was headquarters for CSA General P.G.T. Beauregard


(3-93) Curlee House. Built in 1857, this house was originally called the Verandah House because of its encircling porches. The house was Confederate General Braxton Bragg's headquarters and the place where the decision was made to attack Grant at Pittsburg Landing


(3-93) Oak Home. Built in 1857, this cottage served as headquarters for CSA General Leonidas Polk. After the war, it was
purchased by Mrs. Thomas Q. Martin and has been occupied continuously by her descendents


(11-00) Downtown Corinth (C&D Jarnigan & Co. is in the building on the extreme left)
Don Worth photo


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