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(2006) Enlarge Battery F exterior
Don Worth photo

(2006) Enlarge Battery F interior
Don Worth photo


(3-93) Battery Robinett, south view. Site Marker: Fort (Battery) Robinett. An earthen redoubt situated on high ground guarded Corinth's western approaches. Its three walls and angles were about 8 ft. high and surrounded by a ditch. A 20-pdr Parrott rifle was mounted in each wall. Corinth Civil War Self-Guided Tour Guide: Battery Robinett: Rebuilt in 1976, this battery was the northernmost of the College Hill Line constructed by the Federals during the summer of 1862 as an inner line of defense. The five batteries in the line were connected by breastworks and covered by abatis. Fierce fighting occurred here October 4, 1862; and it was here Colonel William P. Rogers of the Second Texas was killed. U.S. General Rosecrans ordered that Rogers be buried where he fell

(3-93) Battery Robinett, west view. Site Marker: Confederate Assault, Oct. 4, 1862. 4 a.m.-daylight Confederate batteries shell forts Robinett and Williams. Dawn-10 a.m. Sharpshooters harass Federal line. 10 a.m. Columns form in the woods and emerge for grand assault on Robinett


(3-93) Battery Robinett, east view of north wall


(3-93) Battery Robinett. North view from exterior ditch along west wall. Site Marker West of Ditch: Hand to hand fighting between the 9th Texas and 27th Ohio took place along this line. Pvt. O. B. Gould captured the flag of the 9th Texas when its bearer fell. Although shot in the chest Gould bore his trophy away in triumph

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