Charleston, South Carolina

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Confederate Museum


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Battery Row
Battery Street
The Battery  2  3
Beauregard HQ
Boone Hall  2
Calhoun Mansion
Calhoun Monument
Castle Pinckney
Confederate Museum   2
Folly Island
Fort Johnson

Fort Moultrie
Fort Moultrie Before Hunley Funeral
Fort Sumter  2  3
George Washington Statue
Hunley Crew Graves
Hunley Crew Memorial
Hunley Replica  2
Hunley Related Sites
James Island
Magnolia Cemetery
Magnolia Plantation  2
Marion Square
Meeting Place
Middleton Place Plantation
Morris Island
Ordinance of Succession  2
Patriots Point Museum  2  3
Simmons House
Sol-Legare Island Battlefield
Succession Hall
Swamp Angel
The Battery
  2  3
Wade Hampton Monument
White Point Gardens  2   3
Photos this page courtesy of Don Worth    

(10-99) Magnolia Cemetery on the northern outskirts of Charleston

(10-99) Monument to the Generals from South Carolina who served in the Civil War. Includes Gen. Barnard Bee (who gave Stonewall Jackson his nickname) and Maxey Gregg



(10-99) Confederate soldiers section of the cemetery, and the soldiers monument (see plaque)

(10-99) Enlarge Soldiers Mon.

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