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1. Dale Cox, AR (2004)
2. John Scott, TX (2011)
3. Bill Bechmann, OH (2012)

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Fort Moultrie (April 16, 2004): Day before Hunley crew funeral

(2012) Enlarge Fort Moutrie (Fort Sumter National Monument)
Bill Bechmann photo


(2012) Enlarge Fort Moultrie Visitor Center
Bill Bechmann photo


(2004) This gun faces across the harbor to Fort Sumter and is in a part of the fort restored to its rough Civil War appearance. Fort Moultrie was an active military installation from 1809 until the end of World War Two and underwent considerable alteration and modernization through the years. Various portions of the fort have been restored to reflect its multiple uses through the years
Dale Cox photo


(2004) This view from the top of the sea face of Fort Moultrie looks across the harbor mouth to Fort Sumter. This was the exact view available to Confederate artillerists when they fired on Sumter during the opening battle of the Civil War
Dale Cox photo



(2012) Enlarge Visitor Center Wing 1
Bill Bechmann photo


(2012) Enlarge Visitor Center Wing 2
Bill Bechmann photo


(2012) Enlarge Fort Moultrie Sally Port (entrance)
Bill Bechmann photo


(2012) Enlarge Osceola and Patapsco interpretive sign
Bill Bechmann photo

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