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Photos this page courtesy of Don Worth

(10-99) Typical gravestone in the soldier's section (3rd Georgia reserves)


(10-99) Graves of the first two crews of the Hunley submarine. Dixon and his crew (3rd crew) will probably be interred here


(10-99) Confederate soldiers section of the cemetery, and the soldiers monument

(10-99) White Point Gardens on the battery, Charleston
Located in the heart of Charleston’s historic district, this prominent landmark provides a spectacular view of Charleston Harbor, where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers empty into the Atlantic Ocean. It was first used as a public garden in 1837. With the outbreak of the Civil War, it became a fortification for the city. Today, you will also find an impressive display of weaponry used to shell and defend the city
A local Charlestonian may say "The Ashley and Cooper rivers come together to FORM the Atlantic Ocean"

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