Fort Sumter

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1. Don Worth, UCLA
2. Don Hogan, Atlanta, GA
3. Dr. Stephen William, PhD, PA
4. Lee Hohenstein, Lincoln, NE

5. William J. Bechmann III, OH

Visitor Center Courtesy of William Bechmann

Panorama Courtesy of Don Worth

Fort Sumter National Monument
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4. The Battle of Fort. Sumter Official Records and Battle Description
5. Crisis at Fort Sumter
6. Battle Summary: Fort Sumter, SC
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8. Time results for Fort Sumter
(Sept. 2012) Enlarge Fort Sumter viewed from the Visitor Center
William Bechmann

(10-99) The Battery, Charleston
Don Worth

(10-99) Looking toward the Atlantic - South shore islands on right
Don Worth

(10-99) Fort Sumter
Don Worth

(10-99) Note the various flags which have flown over the fort
Don Worth

(10-99) Fort Sumter National Monument
Don Worth
(10-99) Don Worth
Don Worth

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