Morris Island, SC

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1. Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
2. John Scott, Houston, TX
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1. Battle of Fort Wagner/Morris Island
3. First Shot of the Civil War

4. Morris Island in Civil War
Fort Wagner
6. The Capture of Morris Island
7. Civil War South Carolina Battle Morris Island Fleet of Ironsides
8. Battle Summary: Fort Wagner/Morris Island, SC
9. 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment Photographs, ca. 1860-1880 : Guide to the Photograph Collection
1. Map of Islands near Charleston: Courtesy of

2. Historical Islands Map
3. Historical Map of Charleston Harbor
(2011) Morris Island (Battery Gregg site) from Fort Sumter

John Scott photo

(2003) Northern tip of Morris Island taken from Fort Sumter

(2003) Enlarge Interpretive marker at Fort Sumter



(2003) View from Fort Sumter looking toward the Swamp Angel site between Morris and James Islands

Swamp Angel site between Morris and James Islands


(2003) View from northern tip of Folly Island, looking toward southern end of Morris Island
The first Charleston lighthouse continued to provide service up to the Civil War. In 1861 the fleeing Confederate soldiers blew up the lighthouse so northern troops could not use it



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