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(March 2007) Enlarge Another view looking toward the Shirley House and the Illinois Memorial. Capt. Hickenlooper's statue is in the center of the picture


(March 2004) Enlarge Third Louisiana Redan. NPS 2000 Tour Guide: Here was one of the major Confederate fortifications guarding the Jackson Road approach to Vicksburg. Concluding that the fort was impregnable to direct assault, General Grant ordered his troops to dig mines under the work and blow it up. The first mine was detonated on June 25; the second on July 1. Neither succeeded in breaking the Confederate line


(March 2007) Enlarge Right of the redan

  (2006) Enlarge Looking west from rear of redan
Richard Edling photo

(March 2012) Enlarge Battery DeGolyer (left center background) and old NPS park office from Third Louisiana Redan


(March 2012) Enlarge Jackson Road at the Third Louisiana Redan

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