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Third Louisiana Redan


Official Reports
Shirley House
Illinois Monument
Battery Hickenlooper
Logan's Approach
Wooden Mortar Site
CS Confederate Line, 3rd Louisiana
C.S. Company A. 1st Mississippi Light Artillery
C.S. Alabama Battery

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(4-2014) Enlarge The Third Louisiana Redan
Bill Bechmann photo
(March 2011) Enlarge Third Louisiana Redan
Confederate position tablet (Third Louisiana Redan)
Union position tablet (Affair of the Crater)
Union position tablet (John E. Smith's Brigade assault, May 22)
Battery Hickenlooper
Andrew Hickenlooper statue
Mine Explosion
Logan's Approach
(June 4, 2014) Enlarge View from Union Ave., north of Tour Stop-1: Battery DeGolyer
(2006) Enlarge Looking east from the redan. Shirley House at top left of picture
Richard Edling photo

(March 17, 2013) Enlarge Jackson Road cut and front of the redan

(March 2007) Enlarge Jackson Road cut and the front of the redan. The "Mine" interpretive marker is at right center. The crater was directly behind the marker, just above the bald spot
Panorama: Third Louisiana Redan looking south
Panorama: Third Louisiana Redan looking west
Panorama: Third Louisiana Redan looking east

(2006) Enlarge Two cannon in panorama above
Richard Edling photo

(March 17, 2013) Enlarge New Interpretive Marker



(2006) Enlarge Site Marker: CS Appeal (Arkansas) Battery: Maury's-Forney's Div.: Army of Vicksburg. Capt. William N. Hogg: Lieut. Christopher C. Scott: Lieut. Robert N. Cotten. A detachment of the battery, under Lieut. Christopher C. Scott, served one 3-inch rifle in this position from May 18 to about May 30, 1863, when its caisson was exploded by the fire of the Union batteries, and the rifle was moved to a less exposed position. Capt. William N. Hogg killed on duty in this position, May 19
Richard Edling photo

(March 1996) Confederate right of Third Louisiana Redan. Site Marker: CS Confederate Line, 6th Missouri, May 28-June 2, 38th Mississippi from June 2


(March 2011) Enlarge Wooden Mortar Site. Ravine east of the Third Louisiana Redan. The wooden mortars were constructed by S.R. Tresilian, Division Engineer, Third Division, 17th Corps.  Site Marker: Three wooden mortars banded with iron, one 6-pounder and two 12-pounders, were served here July 1-3, 1863, against the Confederate Third Louisiana Redan and the small work at its Confederate right


(March 2011) Enlarge View looking toward the Third Louisiana Redan behind the trees

Interpretive Marker


(March 17, 2013) Enlarge Wooden Mortar Site after restoration of the historic scene. Compare with photo above


(March 17, 2013) Enlarge Wooden Mortar Site (left center) from base of Third Louisiana Redan


O. R. Report of Maj. Samuel H. Lockett, C.S. Engineers, Chief Engineer, on the engineer operations during the siege
O. R. Report of Capt. Andrew Hickenlooper, Chief Engineer, 17th Corps, including operations since April 17 (with approach map)
Official Records Report of Logan's Approach

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