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(March 1996)  Ravine in front of the redan, south of Old Jackson Road

(March 1996) Confederate left of Third Louisiana Redan. Site Marker: CS Confederate Line, 3rd Louisiana



(March 1996) Confederate right of the Third Louisiana Redan. Site Marker: C.S. Company A. 1st Mississippi Light Artillery: Maury's-Forney's Div.: Army of Vicksburg. Capt. S. J. Ridley: Lieut. Charles E. Hooker: Lieut. P. B. Lancaster. A detachment of the company served one 12-pounder howitzer in this position directly on the Jackson Road from about May 30 to the end of the defense, July 4, 1863. Light charges of powder were used and the howitzer was fired as a mortar at high elevation

(2006) Enlarge Battery described in previous photo narrative
Richard Edling photo


(2006) Enlarge Battery in two pictures above
Richard Edling photo


(March 2007) Enlarge Right of the redan. Louisiana Monument and Great Redoubt in background. Marker for line of the 6th Missouri in foreground

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