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(February 2020) Enlarge About the Church

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(March 2008) Enlarge Church Cemetery


(March 2008) Enlarge Cemetery


(March 2008) Enlarge Grave of Private Armstrong E. Flowers, Co. B, 38 Regt, Miss Vols, CSA

(March 2008) Enlarge Grave marker in previous photo. Old Port Gibson Road in the background
Private Armstrong E. Flowers, Co. B, 38 Regt, Miss Vols, CSA

(March 2008) Enlarge Cemetery

(March 2008) Enlarge Brian Risher (Mississippi) near the south side of the Rocky Springs Methodist Church.


Brian joined our annual Vicksburg Campaign related tours in March 2001, the March 1992 trip was the first. Brian passed away in 2016 from complications after corrective heart surgery. He received a M.A. in History at The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Oxford, MS, and was a contributor to the Vicksburg Campaign section of which first went online in 1998. Brian would pass along Website info during phone chats or by email. His assistance was greatly appreciated. It was an honor working with Brian. He was very knowledgeable of the Civil War in Mississippi. I'll never forget the time he and I first met. We setup a meeting in Clinton, MS during one of our phone conversations. My 12-year old son Micah traveled with me to Clinton. He was out of school during Spring break. My wife was all for it. She knew that Micah was a Civil War buff like his dad and the trip would be good for him. Micah was a Life Scout and was used to being in the woods. The March 2001 tour group: Brian and his fiancée Jami, MS, Mike, MS, Sid, MS, Micah and myself. After an early breakfast at a Waffle House in Clinton, we left Oklahoma about seven hours before, we took off for Champion Hill. The Battle of Champion Hill was the subject of Brian's thesis. During his research Brian flew to several states gathering material. Many hours were spent reading old diaries, first hand accounts, letters, etc. I'm proud to be an owner of a copy of his thesis. I dedicated the Battle of Champion Hill section of to Brian. He was "A great teacher and an even better man."

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