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(March 2008) Enlarge Another view of the Old Natchez Trace at Rocky Springs. Photo taken near interpretive sign in next photo


(February 2020) Enlarge Kiosk near parking area off Old Port Gibson Road


(March 2008) Enlarge Kiosk

(March 1997) This section of the Natchez Trace is near the parking area for vehicles that enter from the Natchez Trace Parkway. It leads to the Rocky Springs Church and Town Site
Site Marker Nearby:
This is the Natchez Trace. For many years it served man well, but as with many things when its usefulness passed, it was abandoned. Over the years, this time-worn path has been a silent witness to honor and dishonor. It bears the prints of countless men. Walk down the shaded trail - leave your prints in the dust, not for others to see, but for the road to remember

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