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(March 15, 2013) Enlarge The Fight for Willow Creek (Last Confederate Line), looking east. Old Rodney Road approximately 3/4 mile west of Bruinsburg Road (the "Y"). Site Marker: Gen. W. E. Baldwin's brigade reached Willow Creek about the time Gen. M. E. Green's troops were driven from Magnolia Church. Confederate Gen. J. S. Bowen had Baldwin form his troops in this undergrowth-filled bottom. Rebel cannoneers emplaced guns on the ridge to the east. About noon May 1, Gen. J. A. McClernand's Union corps renewed its advance. As the Federals descended the ridge to the west they were fired on by Confederates. McClernand sent a powerful battle line to drive the Rebels from this bottom. Bowen ordered Col. F. M. Cockrell to take the Confederate reserve (two Missouri regiments) and turn the Federal right. Cockrell's Missourians surprised and rolled up Col. J. R. Slack's brigade. Because of the canebrakes much of the fighting took place at ranges of 20 yards or less. To stop this drive, Gen. A. P. Hovey massed 24 pieces of artillery. Though Cockrell was repulsed, Bowen was undaunted. He told Baldwin to attack. Baldwin's thrust was repulsed. Bowen had seized the initiative from the numerically superior Federals. The Confederates held their ground until 6 P. M., when word was received that the Yankees had defeated the Confederates on the Bruinsburg road. Fearful-lest his command be isolated, Bowen fell back


(March 2003) The Fight for Willow Creek


(March 1993) Fight for Willow Creek

(March 2003) Willow Creek west of the bridge


(March 2008) Enlarge  Detail Lookout Point. Reconstruction of the Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church, built between 1802 and 1807. The Confederate right flank was anchored here. Confederate General Edward Tracy was killed nearby

  (2006) Enlarge Reconstructed Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church
Richard Edling photo

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