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1. City of Port Gibson - Our History
2. History of St Joseph Catholic Church

(March 2003) Lookout Point. Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church and the Confederate right flank


(March 2003) Lookout Point. View looking west along SH-552 (wartime Bruinsburg Road)


(March 2003) Bayou Pierre from Lookout Point

(March 2003) West view of the "Y" (intersection of the historic Rodney and Bruinsburg Roads) near the west edge of Port Gibson. Here Confederate troops were deployed to block both roads approximately three miles beyond the intersection. A deep cane choked ravine separated the two road blocks which prevented one flank from reinforcing the other.  To reach the flanks , the Confederates had to march back to the "Y"


(March 1993) Confederate Monument/Claiborne County Court House, Port Gibson. Monument dedicated in 1906 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The court house was built in 1845


(March 2008) Enlarge St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church. 909 Church St. 1850-51 Gothic Revival. Elvie Bowie Moore, daughter of Resin and Margaret Bowie and niece of Jim Bowie, was instrumental in the building of St. Joseph's. This is the oldest surviving church in Port Gibson

(March 2009) Oak Square. 1850 Greek Revival-style mansion
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