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(March 2003) Don Sides and Micah Schulze in the narrow turn


(March 2003) Approaching Widows Creek


(March 15, 2013) Enlarge Old Rodney Road crossing of Widows Creek, view looking west. Shortly after midnight on May 1 the Federal vanguard forded Widows Creek and climbed the long grade to the Shaifer house. Site Marker: Union March from Bruinsburg. After resting in a pleasant glen near Windsor on the afternoon of April, 30, 1863, the Union troops resumed the march. Gen. J. A. McClernand believed it important to surprise the Confederates near Port Gibson. As the long column tramped down this road many of the officers were afoot. Supplies were piled on all sorts of wagons and carriages. Discipline was lax. Passing Bethel Church, soldiers peppered away at the steeple. Guided by an old Negro, the columns pushed on through the darkness. A Union soldier (First Sgt. Charles A. Hobbs, 99th Illinois) wrote "as we pass along an old darkey gives us his blessing, but fears there will be few of us ever to return. The moon is shining above us and the road is romantic in the extreme. The artillery wagons rattle forward and the heavy tramp of many men gives a dull but impressive sound. In many places the road seems to end abruptly, but when we come to the place we find it turning at right angles, passing through narrow valleys, sometimes through hills, and presenting the best of opportunity to the Rebels for defense if they had but known of our purpose

(March 15, 2013) Enlarge Widows Creek, west of the bridge

(March 15, 2013) Enlarge Widows Creek, east of the bridge


(March 15, 2013) Enlarge Widows Creek, looking east from the bridge

(March 2003) Canebrake at the crossing  

(March 15, 2013) Enlarge Rodney Road, west of Widows Creek

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