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(April 2012) Enlarge Siege of Fort Macon Marker  
This is found in back of the Crystal Coast Visitor Center at Carolina City, NC near the parking spaces and a lighted model of a lighthouse

(April 2012) Enlarge Fort Macon Model  
Miniature model of Fort Macon found in the Fort Macon Museum



(April 2012) Enlarge Welcome to Fort Macon  
This map is in the entrance of the fort. Hand-held paper guides can be obtained from the information desk of the Fort Macon Museum

(April 2012) Enlarge Fort Macon Museum Natural History Section  
Although much of the museum is dedicated to the history of Fort Macon, the surrounding landscape is also highlighted. In an area where people enjoy fishing the concept of "Leave No Trace Behind" is emphasized with a display of discarded fishing line that killed a bird with advice to special containers for fishing supplies/trash. Seeing the skeleton of the bird wrapped in fishing line was a poignant lesson


(April 2012) Enlarge 30lb Parrot Rifle Projectile fired at Fort Macon April 25, 1862  
This is on display in a casemate dedicated to the history of Fort Macon during the War Between The States


(April 2012) Enlarge Model 1861 10 inch Siege Mortars and Sign
The two siege mortars are located in the parade ground of Fort Macon. A sign is close which tells about the mortars

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