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(April 2012) Enlarge Siege Description
Fort Macon was a brick fort in the dawn of rifled projectiles that made this type of fortification obsolete

(April 2012) Enlarge Battle Relics
This display case is in a casemate of the fort. The items were found on site or nearby and relate to the April 1862 siege of Fort Macon



(April 2012) Enlarge CSA Order of Battle at Fort Macon April 1862
Colonel Moses J. White-Fort Macon Commander
Cos. B, F, G, H, 10th North Carolina (AKA 1st NC Artillery)
Co. F 40th North Carolina (AKA 3rd NC Artillery)
Strength-403 Officers & Men

(April 2012) Enlarge Union Order of Battle April 1862 Siege of Fort Macon

Dept of North Carolina- Major General Ambrose E. Burnside
3rd Brigade-Brg. Gen. John G. Parke
8th Connecticut
4th Rhode Island
5th Rhode Island
9th New Jersey
Co. " I" 3rd New York Artillery
Co. "C" 1st United States Artillery
Strength 2724 Officers & Men
US Naval Forces
USS Daylight
USS Chippewa
USS Gemsbok
USS State of Georgia
USS Ellis
Floating Batteries Grenade & Shrapnel


(April 2012) Enlarge Portion of Fort Macon CSA Garrison Flag
This is a portion of the CSA 1st National Flag flown at Fort Macon. The display is located in the casemate with other artifacts of the period

  (April 2012) Enlarge Confederate Fort Macon Garrison Flag Information

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