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Photos/text this page courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
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(11-2006) Enlarge Interior of Fort Branch

(11-2006) Reconstructed battery on the land face near the winter quarters. The fort is totally enclosed by earthworks, but the winter quarters were outside the fort. Brian's cousin is taking a photo of the battery



(11-2006) Enlarge Another view of the reconstructed battery

(11-2006) Enlarge Interior view of the original earthworks facing the Roanoke River


(11-2006) Enlarge Roanoke River at Fort Branch, looking north toward Hamilton, NC


(11-2006) Enlarge Reconstructed 32-pdr battery at the original site. The cannon is aimed at the southern bend of the river. If Union gunboats would have successfully navigated the river they would have been fired upon in the bend

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