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Photos/text this page courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
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(11-2006) Enlarge 32-pdr battery

(11-2006) Another view of the 32-pdr battery



(11-2006) Enlarge The Roanoke River from the reconstructed 32-pdr battery

(11-2006) Enlarge Unknown grave inside Fort Branch


(11-2006) Enlarge Interior of the fort, looking toward the Roanoke River


(11-2006) Enlarge Interior view of the land face earthworks

(11-2006) Enlarge The 20th annual reenactment at Fort Branch. The Confederate reenactors are camped outside the fort, near the entrance  

(2006)  Wilmington & Weldon R/R Trestle
Fort Branch guarded the R/R trestle near Weldon, NC
The link will take you to the Wilmington & Weldon R/R trestle section of
Photo by Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA

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