Fort Branch, NC

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1. Fort Branch Civil War Site on the Roanoke River

2. Fort Branch Reenactment
3. The Battle of Fort Branch
4. Fort Branch - Confederate Earthen Fort

5. Fort Branch (North Carolina) -

(11-2006) Fort Branch interpretive marker, SH-125, near Hamilton, NC
Fort Branch is a Confederate fort on the Roanoke River in NC. The fort is south of Hamilton, NC, positioned on the tall bluffs of Rainbow Banks. The fort protected the rail line from Wilmington, which supplied the Confederate army. Fort Branch was attacked by land before being evacuated near the end of the war. The artillery was pushed into the Roanoke River and are now on display at the visitor center

(11-2006) Fort Branch Civil War Trails sign



(11-2006) Enlarge Fort Branch interpretive marker

(11-2006) Enlarge Original 12-pdr at the visitor center. Recovered from the Roanoke River


(11-2006) Enlarge Original 12-pdr recovered from the Roanoke River


(11-2006) Enlarge Original carriages recovered from the river

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