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After riding a steady pace (not a gallop as depicted in later poems and accounts), Sheridan met his troops in the area where present day 633 intersects with the Valley Pike. A vacant red barn stands in the vicinity where Sheridan made his temporary command post near VI Corps.
A weigh station on the Valley Road marks the area where the VII Corps cheered Sheridan as he rode by and the Corps rallying point.
A sign along the Valley Pike describes Sheridan's ride and the counterattack.
Despite Sheridan's arrival on the battlefield, the federal counterattack did not begin until around 4PM. A coordinated countercharge rolled up the Confederate line and pushed the rebels past the ground they had won that morning. Ramseur died during the Confederate retreat in the afternoon and his monument marks the spot of his death.
Union casualties were listed as 644 killed, 3,430 wounded and 1,591 captured and missing for a total of 5,665 causalities. Early reported 1,860 killed or wounded with 1,050 captured. Sheridan's forces recaptured all their cannon lost in the morning's phase along with 25 of Early's guns.


Intersection of 633 and Valley Pike


Sheridan's temporary command post

Valley Road   Valley Pike
Valley Pike    

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