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Kershaw's, Gordon's, Pegram's and Ramseur's (left to right) continued to push the remaining elements of the XIX Corps in the Red Hill area along Meadow Brook Church and Hite Road. Along Hite Road (shown here), Battery D of the First Rhode Island Artillery set up on the high ground to support Wheaton's Division.
The rebel attack encircled the last Union unit to withdraw from the Red Hill area-Getty's division of the VI Corps-which delayed the Confederate advance in Middletown Cemetery. Union soldiers repelled a number of Confederate attacks and only upon a cannon bombardment from Early's positions on the Valley Pike did Getty to give orders to retreat from the Cemetery.
Early's final lines (shown by a sign on the Valley Pike by the present day Community College) centered on Miller's Mill and along present day Rt. 634. Early's men reached these positions around 11AM and failed to advance beyond these positions despite the lack of Union opposition.


Hite Road Enlarge


Hite Road

Middletown Cemetery   Valley Pike Enlarge
Rt. 634    

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