Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia

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8th Vermont Mon.
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The Battle of Cedar Creek was the culmination of Sheridan's 1864 Valley Campaign and the scene of his famous ride from Winchester in the late afternoon of the battle to rally his troops in reversing the Confederate's early morning advances.
Maps at the grounds describe the battle and early morning movements.
The battle began when Early had moved divisions the night of the 18th under Kershaw on the left flank by Cedar Creek and Ramsuer's, Pegram's and Gordon's divisions on the right flank by the North Fork of the Shenadoah. They attacked over fordable areas at 4:30 the following morning. Their attack was such a surprise that Union troops did not respond until two brigades of Thoburn's division positioned on a hill overlooking Bowman's Mill Ford in front of Kershaw's troops fired upon the rapidly moving rebels a little after 5AM. The rebels quickly overpowered their resistance and kept moving north and west toward the main Union encampments.

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Hill overlooking Bowman's Mill Ford    

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