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St. James Church

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(December 2007) Enlarge Intersection of Beverly Ford Road and St. James Church. Across the ford road stood the Gee House. Gen. Wade Hampton's Confederates defended on a line anchored just to the right of this photo, extending to the left, across the present day Culpeper Municipal Airport. For Buford's Federals advancing toward Brandy Station and the Railroad, the quickest way through was right down that ford road

(December 2007) Enlarge  Marker  St. James Church stood in the trees on the high ground in the left center distance where the road turns to the north. Between that point and the ford road, Stuart posted his horse artillery. To the right of where St. James Church Road turns, "Grumble" Jones was moving his brigade at an angle to Hampton's. This wide "V" would actually draw the Federals into the artillery



(December 2007) Enlarge Looking west from the high ground north of St James Church, Jones' Brigade held a line across the valley here. Later in the day, when the Confederates fell back from this line, the Federals occupied a line along the high ground on the left

(December 2007) Enlarge  Marker  The charge of the 6th Pennsylvania Lancers. This view is looking more southwest at the point before St. James Church Road turns. To the left is the ford road, and the church sit is out of frame to the right. Facing an undetermined force astride his line of march, Buford ordered a charge of two regiments - the 6th Pennsylvania and 2nd U.S. Cavalry. The regulars received contradictory orders and did not move up, but the Lancers charged across the ground here towards the Confederate guns, which were positioned in the woods on the other side of St. James Church Road. Described as a splendid charge, it was non-the-less repulsed. The short space allowed here cannot do justice to the story behind the charge, and readers are referred to the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Website for more details


(December 2007) Enlarge Looking to the east, down the Federal lines. The modern airport stands in the distance. In that vicinity, Devin's Federal cavalry were arrayed. To the rear of the 6th Pennsylvania, and to the left side of this photo, was Gen. Ames' Infantry forming the center of the Federal lines at this point


(December 2007) Enlarge Confederate artillery stood along the St. James Church Road running from the center to the right of the photo. With Hampton's left most units covering here also, the 6th Pennsylvania was repulsed short of this position. For a unit to charge, keeping formation, across the creeks and rolling ground here is remarkable. For the unit to do so while under fire, is beyond measure

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