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Buford's Knoll

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(December 2007) Enlarge  Marker 1  Marker 2 These two markers stand on the west side of Buford's Knoll. When he failed to break through at St. James Church, Buford fell back to positions here and looked for another route around the Confederates. With most of his cavalry shifted to the Cunningham Farm, Buford would now attempt to turn JEB Stuart's left. This round of fighting would occur roughly in the middle of the day, just before Gregg's arrival at Fleetwood Hill 

(December 2007) Enlarge The ground to the west of the knoll was hotly contested. The fence line running from the left (beyond the trees in the open field) is approximately the location of the stone wall. Ruffins run is on the left and Hazel River prevents any further movement to the right. The terrain served to funnel the Federals against that wall, providing Gen. W.H.F. "Rooney" Lee's Brigade an excellent fighting position. Buford sent the 5th U.S. Cavalry down the slope here to attack the Confederate positions. After several mounted and dismounted attacks Buford called up his infantry



(December 2007) Enlarge Looking southeast, just to the left of the previous photo, in this frame can be seen the approaches used by the 2nd U.S. Cavalry to attack the Confederate line, which was just beyond the house in the left of frame. Crossing just behind the house was the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry. Later companies from the 2nd Massachusetts and the 3rd Wisconsin Infantry would advance through the wheat field here and finally drive the Confederate right flank back from Ruffans Run (which is to the left of the house in this frame). This opened "Rooney" Lee's line and precipitated a retreat to a second stone wall, some 800 yards to the west. Lee continued a fighting retreat until reaching the western end of Fleetwood Hill

(December 2007) Enlarge Later in the day, after Stuart was satisfied the line at Fleetwood Hill would hold, he tasked "Rooney" Lee to return against Buford. Supported by elements of Fitz Lee's fresh brigade, commanded by Col. Thomas T. Munford, this renewed fighting turned Buford's right flank and caused him to fall back toward Beverly Ford. With reports of Confederate infantry moving up, Pleasonton ordered a general retreat


(December 2007) Enlarge Entrance sign to the Brandy Station CWPT Battlefield Park

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