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Points Between "Official" Tour Stops 2 and 3 and Kelly's Ford Battlefield
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(December 2007) Enlarge Looking south from the intersection of St. James Church and Beverly Ford Roads. Hampton fell back across this ground when Stuart heard of Gregg's column attacking from the south. The ground through here, adjacent to the Culpeper Municipal Airport, is now part of the CWPT tract

(January 2008) Enlarge  Further to the south along Beverly Ford Road, this spot is actually where the new connector to the James Madison Highway (US 15/29) intersects the old road. Confederate cavalry fell back across these fields in the race to reinforce Fleetwood Hill and stave off disaster



(January 2008) Enlarge The tour crosses US 15/29 and takes up Kelly's Ford Road (CR 674). Along the way the road passes the Brannin House, used as a field hospital on several occasions including the battles Kelly's Ford and Brandy Station. The sign in front of the house states notables such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson spent the night here on occasions. Bloody boot-prints on the stairs bear witness to the use during the Civil War as a field hospital

(November 2007) Enlarge  Marker  Kelly's Ford, seen from the modern bridge just upstream from the wartime crossing point. Gregg's Division crossed here as part of the second Federal probe across the Rappahannock. Gregg's command was supplemented with an infantry brigade under Brig. Gen. David Russell. Gregg crossed the ford here well after Buford's crossing at Beverly Ford upstream. Alerted by pickets, Stuart sent Brig. Gen. Beverly Robertson's cavalry brigade to block any move up Kelly's Ford Road


(January 2008) Enlarge Russell's Brigade advanced a short distance up Kelly's Ford Road with orders to cover the crossing site. Over ground contested during the battle of Kelly's Ford only three months previously, Russell and Robertson's brigades quietly faced each other for the remainder of the day


(January 2008) Enlarge Meanwhile, Gregg's Cavalry took off down Stone's Mill Road (CR 672) on the round about way to Brandy Station. About five miles west, he split his forces at Carrico Mill, with most of the division heading north on what is today CR 669. The separate Brigade of Col. Alfred Duffie continued west toward Stevensburg. To the east of town, Duffie's column ran into the 2nd South Carolina Cavalry under Col. Matthew C. Butler arrayed on Hansborough Ridge (seen in the background here). Reinforced by Col. William Wickham's 4th Virginia Cavalry, the Confederates were able to hold Duffie at bay long enough for a stronger defense further to the northwest

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