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Photos/text this page courtesy of  Steven Hippensteel, Tupelo, MS
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(9-2012) Enlarge Jacinto Old Jail Brick:
One of the bricks to the old Jail building. Found on the grounds of the old Jail across the street from the Courthouse Square

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(9-2012) Enlarge William Faulkner's 'Tomorrow' 1970 Film Display:
'Tomorrow' is 1972 film directed by Joseph Anthony. The screenplay was written by Horton Foote, adapted from a play he wrote which was based on a story by William Faulkner. The opening courthouse scenes of 'Tomorrow' were shot at the historic Jacinto Courthouse. Chester Russell (the Grandfather of Country Music legend Tammy Wynette) was one of the jury and can be seen when the jury is deliberating in the opening courthouse scenes of the movie. Lead actor Robert Duvall calls 'Tomorrow' one of his personal favorites of all the films he's done


(9-2012) Enlarge 'Jacinto 1854' Original Painting:
Original painting of the Jacinto Courthouse title 'Jacinto 1854'

(9-2012) Enlarge Original Jacinto Courthouse Nails:
These are original nails from the Jacinto Courthouse building which were recovered during the 1970's restoration of the building. These nails are over 150 years old


(9-2012) Enlarge Key to Jacinto Jail:
The original key to the Jacinto Jail


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