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(9-2012) Enlarge Judge's Bench & Juror Seating:
The Judge's bench is original - notice the marbleized effect which was popular at the time. The Empire office chair and and office desk are not original but are of the period. There was bagging on the floor in the area inside the bar in 1854. Also of note are a set of original Juror's benches with a matching set on the other side of the courtroom, the wall molding going around the courtroom, and the twin fireplaces on each side of the wall of the Judge's bench

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(9-2012) Enlarge Probate Judge's Seat, Original Desk & Period Marbling:
Judge's bench and period marbling effect detail. Original piece to the courtroom. If only it could speak


(9-2012) Enlarge Reproduction Jacinto Doctor's Office:
Jacinto had it's own Doctor to take care of it's growing population. This is a reproduction of the Jacinto Doctor's Office located across the Courthouse Square behind the Courthouse

(9-2012) Enlarge Jacinto Period Building:
This building is original to the County and was around when Jacinto was a growing new town. This building is positioned across the street from the Courthouse Square


(9-2012) Enlarge Interior of Jacinto Period Building:
An interior view of the Jacinto period building located across the street from the Courthouse. At one time this was used as living quarters due to the remains of the wallpaper and underlying newspaper fragments still remaining on the walls which would have been used to block the wind and cold from coming through the wall boards


(9-2012) Enlarge Jacinto Museum:
The Jacinto Courthouse Museum. The interpretive sign in front of the museum relays information about the large festival and political speaking rally that is still held on the Courthouse grounds every 4th of July which is still a huge event around these parts and draws many people to this historic location

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