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(9-2012) Enlarge Probate Judge's Office Desk & Law Book Cabinet:
This is the Probate Judge's Office located on the first floor. The Probate Judge was an important man in the County. Some of his furnishings were permanent fixtures in the courthouse, and some were his personal belongings. All of the furnishings presently located in the building are not original to the courthouse but are from the area and are period. They would represent what would possibly have been used here during it's original use as a courthouse. These are the 'Judge's Chambers'

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(9-2012) Enlarge Probate Judge's Office (Desk & Fireplace):
A view of the fireplace with brass andirons and fender in the Probate Judge's Office. The desk is a partner's desk with space for ledgers along with an Empire chair. The sofa (left) is a leather covered horsehair stuffed Empire sofa. Note the German wall clock and the Union Soldier hanging out by the window!


(9-2012) Enlarge Board of Police & Road Commission Office Furnishings:
This is the Office of the Board of Police and Road Commission located across the hall from the Circuit Clerk's Office

(9-2012) Enlarge Courthouse Brick with Baby Foot Imprint:
This brick was found during restoration of the courthouse. It is unusual in that it contains the imprint of an unknown baby's footprint. All brick used in the original construction of the courthouse was handmade. An unknown Jacinto citizen most likely unknowingly left their footprint on history long after they left this world!


(9-2012) Enlarge Main Hall View From Staircase:
A view from the mid-landing on the staircase leading to the second floor courtroom. Note the years of wear on these original steps. Major General Rosecrans walked these very steps. A very uneven brick floor was leveled during restoration in the 1970's. The Circuit Clerk's Office doorway can be seen on the far side of the main hallway


(9-2012) Enlarge Original Hand-Hewn Second Floor Wood Beams:
During the 1970's restoration of the courthouse, an opportunity for learning was taken advantage of and one can find a few areas within the courthouse interiors where original hand-hewn beams and wood slats were left exposed to use as an example of the fine old construction that have held these walls up for over 150 years. This is a view of an exposed floor joist from the second floor in the courthouse stairwell

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