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(December 2009) Enlarge Another view of the trench
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(December 2009) Enlarge The burial trench



(December 2009) Enlarge The Dunrobin House (Brinkley Home). It has always been painted white, but is being restored now. This home was used as a headquarters by both Union General Ulysses Grant and William Rosecrans

(December 2009) Enlarge The United Methodist Church which was built in 1859. It was also used as a hospital following the battle by troops of both sides


(December 2009) Enlarge View toward the ridge occupied by the 10th Iowa Infantry, two guns of the 12th Wisconsin Battery and a portion of the 4th Minnesota Infantry on the Union left flank. The position was attacked by the 37th Mississippi Infantry. Canister and volleys stopped the attack


(December 2009) Enlarge The Iuka Hospital. The Confederates advanced across this ground to attack the Union positions

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