Iuka, MS

Tim Kent, Tuscumbia, AL
Steven Hippensteel,  Tupelo, MS
Gary Matthews, Tishomingo, MS
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Iuka 150th Anniversary Reenactment

Iuka Civil War Guide and Map (pdf)
Summer 2012 Special Events (pdf)

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1. Battle Summary: Iuka, MS
2. Battle of Iuka - Wikipedia
3. Battle of Iuka Mississippi
4. This Day in History 1862: Battle of Iuka, Mississippi
5. Battle of Iuka, 19 September 1862
3rd Louisiana Infantry
3rd Texas Cavalry Dismounted
4th Minnesota Infantry
10th Iowa   2
11th Ohio Battery   2   3
12th Wisconsin Battery
37th Mississippi Infantry
40th Mississippi
Battle of Iuka 150th Mural
Brinkley Home   2
Confederate Left Flank
Confederate Mass Grave   2
Daniel Gibson CSA Grave
Doan-Cutshall Home
Dunrobin House   2
General Lewis Henry Little Death Site
General Little's Headquarters
General Sterling Price
General Ulysses Grant's Headquarters
General William Rosecrans' Headquarters
Goyer Cemetery
Hebert's Brigade
Hett Home
Hospital Site   2
Jacinto Road
John Durell CSA Grave
Lost Battlegrounds
Main Union Line
Painted Lady
Shady Grove Cemetery
Twin Magnolias   2   3
UDC Confederate Monument
Union Left Flank
United Methodist Church   2
Unknown Confederate Soldiers   2   3
Walnut Port
Wartime Road Trace
William Woodall Barnes CSA Grave
W.S. Brown Home
Yerby House
Photos this page courtesy of Tim Kent

(December 2009) Enlarge Here an old road forked to the north off the Jacinto Road. The 10th Iowa went off on this road about an eighth of a mile and held the extreme Union left flank on a ridge there
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(December 2009) Enlarge Goyer Cemetery on the right of the Jacinto Road. The view is looking southeast and the cemetery would have been directly behind the Union right flank



(December 2009) Enlarge Looking east on the Jacinto Road. The top of the ridge ahead in the picture is where the main struggle took place. The cemetery is just to the right of the picture

(December 2009) Enlarge Six guns of the 11th Ohio Battery were located here. They would have been facing the camera
The 11th Ohio Battery changed hands several times during the battle. The fighting here was considered among some of the fiercest during the entire war


(December 2009) Enlarge Another view of the Sunset Lodge which is located on the main Union line of battle


(December 2009) Enlarge View from the main Union line toward the advancing Confederates. Confederate Brigadier General Lewis Henry Little was killed at Sterling Price's side somewhere in the area of the four lane at the bottom of the hill. The position of the 11th Ohio Battery is directly behind the camera

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