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(December 2009) Enlarge What is left of the Yerby House which was used as a hospital following the battle. It has just been torn down in the last few months. It was being restored last year, but the man restoring the home died
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(December 2009) Enlarge Closer view of the position the Confederates attacked from. The pine trees on the far right of the picture mark the ravine where the Confederate left flank advanced from. The Battle of Iuka historic marker is to the right of the stop sign



(December 2009) Enlarge Close up view of the ravine on the Confederate left. Hebert's brigade (3rd Louisiana Infantry, 3rd Texas Cavalry Dismounted, and the 40th Mississippi) advanced from this position, 150 yards from the main Union line

(December 2009) Enlarge Small house called "Twin Magnolias". The house was General Little's headquarters before the battle. After being shot above the right eye, his body was brought back to this house. That night he was buried in the backyard by candlelight. His entire division passed by the grave paying their respects as they retreated from town


(December 2009) Historic marker of the 263 Confederate soldiers killed during the Battle of Iuka


(December 2009) Enlarge Another marker at the trench containing the remains of the 263 Confederate soldiers killed here

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