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(April 2009) Enlarge Small pox hospital was between Foster's Pond and the Chemung River. The small pox tents were located to the right in the picture behind the trees. 400 deaths were attributed to small pox

(April 2009) Enlarge Area of small pox hospital. By December 1864, their miserable existence and fight for survival intensified. The frigid cold weather swept in and, with it, small pox, arrived. Within weeks, smallpox became an epidemic, which led to a smallpox camp established away from the prison



Period photo of officers' quarters, looking east

(April 2009) Enlarge Area of officers' quarters, looking west


(April 2009) Enlarge A former officers' quarters


(April 2009) Enlarge Another former officers' quarters. Notice how each house has the same general shape

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