Elmira Prison Camp Page4

(April 2009) Enlarge Northwest corner of stockade looking south. Red line denotes stockade wall


(April 2009) Close-up of northwest corner marker. Marker placed by Melvin Conklin in 1900



(April 2009) Northwest corner marker

(April 2009) Enlarge Original flagpole on Winsor Ave. Not the original location of the flagpole. Original site is about one block north of here. It was in the backyard of a private residence and was donated to the city in 1992. Winsor Ave. was not a street during the time of the prison camp. View looking towards Chemung River (South). Located on in front of the Elmira water board. Placed here in 1992


(April 2009) Enlarge Original flagpole looking north towards West Water Street (main wall and gate)


Enlarge Period photo of camp with flagpole in upper right hand corner. Pink house is approximate location of the private residence on Winsor Ave. View is looking west along West Water Street

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