Elmira Prison Camp Page3

(April 2009) Enlarge Northeast corner of stockade. Red line denotes stockade wall location. Wall to the left angles east to run parallel with Hoffman Creek. The creek now runs underground through most of the city. It empties into the Chemung River, to the south. It did not run through the camp


(April 2009) Enlarge Granite marker placed at northeast corner of the West Water Street side of the camp. The northwest marker is a quarter mile down West Water Street



(April 2009) Enlarge Close-up of the corner marker

(April 2009) Enlarge Front side of marker. GAR Baldwin Post #6 under the guidance of Melvin Conklin. Conklin was a Union spy in the camp and later became postmaster


(April 2009) Enlarge Top of corner marker


(April 2009) Enlarge Northwest corner of stockade. Red line denotes stockade wall. Looking east

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