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Photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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(October 2008) Enlarge Tour Stop-8B: Original Sacramento Station Baptist Church location - site of the saber battle
In the midst of the chase Forrest was engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a Union soldier. He was unaware of a second soldier approaching him from the rear. CSA Lt. Lane shot the second attacker just as Forrest brought his foe to the ground. Union Captain Arthur Davis killed Confederate Private William H. Terry with his sword. Fortunately for Forrest, Davis’ horse fell, dismounting him and dislocating his shoulder. Davis was forced to surrender. Another Union Captain, Albert G. Bacon, next engaged Forrest, but his shots narrowly missed. Forrest turned and returned fire, wounding Bacon, who refused to surrender and fought to his death. Two Union officers charged at Forrest with drawn sabers at the same time. He shot one and hit the other with his sword. Their now riderless horses collided into a heap at the bottom of an “abrupt hillock”. In pursuit of the retreating Union troops Forrest rode into the pile of men and horses and ended up off his own horse. The pursuit of the Union troops had extended some two miles north of Sacramento toward Calhoun. By the time Forrest was back on his horse, the Union troops were out of sight and close to the larger force in Calhoun. He decided to abandon pursuit and return to Greenville

(October 2008) Enlarge Modern Station Baptist Church, organized in 1840



(October 2008) Enlarge View from modern Station Baptist Church

(October 2008) Enlarge View from modern Station Baptist Church


(October 2008) Tour Stop-9: Calhoun - Lock & Dam #2
Union troops were set to Calhoun to protect the original lock and dam which was located across the river on the Rumsey side. The Green River locks and dams promoted navigation and allowed the region around the river to become a major source of food for the lower South as it became more involved in growing cotton. These same locks and dams allowed the Union army to move men and supplies along the river. Go across the Green River on Hwy 81 around the curve to the stop sign. Turn right onto KY 256 to the Lock and Dam


(October 2008) Enlarge Green River from Tour Stop-9

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