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Photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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(October 2008) Enlarge Welcome to Sacramento

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Part of Major Eli Murray’s scouting party was watering their horses at Garst’s Pond when they were spotted by Forrest and his advance party. The two groups made visual contact and initially the Union troops were unsure whether Forrest’s men were Confederates or another Union scouting party. Any doubt was resolved when Forrest grabbed a rifle and fired at the Union troops. The Union soldiers returned fire, mounted and rode quickly to rejoin their military force



(October 2008) Enlarge View from Tour Stop-4

(October 2008) Tour Stop-5: Sacramento Battlefield
The Union rear guard returned immediately to its main force. Forrest began his attack without his full force, part of whom were still catching up after the pressed advance. Federal forces fired at 200 yards and Confederate troops returned fire at 80 yards. Realizing his disorganization, Forrest pulled his forces back, waiting until all his men caught up with the main force. At the same time, he dismounted some of his men to act as sharp-shooters. Next, he sent detachments under Major D.C. Kelly to the Union right and James W. Starnes to the Union left. Mistaking Forrest’s withdrawal as a retreat, Murray began to advance his outnumbered force. With the reorganization of his entire force complete, Forrest began 2nd attack on the Union center at the same time, Kelly and Starnes attacked the Union flanks. During the charge on the Union center, Captain Ned Merriweather fell as he was struck by two bullets in the head. Murray’s troops held off the Confederate attack for ten minutes. Optimistic about their ability to withstand further attacks, the Union commander later reported that the Union force was doing well until a young private screamed “Retreat to Sacramento”. The Union troops turned and ran toward Sacramento despite their officers’ attempts to stop them. The original battlefield is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


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(October 2008) Sign on the battlefield

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