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Photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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(October 2008) Enlarge Panorama of the battlefield

(October 2008) Tour Stop-6: Village of Sacramento
Sacramento was not a safe haven, as Southern sympathizers in the village fired on the Union soldiers from their businesses and homes. In Sacramento, Forrestís men caught up with a Union rear guard, resulting in a great deal of hand-to-hand combat, including various saber fights

(October 2008) Enlarge View from Tour Stop-6



(October 2008) Enlarge Tour Stop-7:  Sacramento's Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Molly Morehead's Grave
Mary (Molly) Morehead was the 18 yr. old daughter of Hugh Morehead. She and her sister, Sarah, were on an errand when they observed Union troops near Garstís Pond. While Sarah rode to tell their father, Molly rode toward Greenville to alert the Confederate troops. Forrest recounted that ďa beautiful young lady, smiling with untied tresses floating in the breeze on horseback, met the column just before our advance guard came up on the rear of the enemy, infusing nerve into my arms and kindling knightly chivalry within my heart.Ē Her name, not in Forrestís report, was unknown until Mollyís story, preserved through family history, was published in a 1962 McLean County News article. Molly married Dr. George Stowers, a dentist in 1866 and died during childbirth in 1870. The cemetery is on the east side of the highway, north of the Methodist Church. Mollyís grave is on the northeast section of the cemetery

(October 2008) Enlarge View from Tour Stop-7


(October 2008) Tour Stop-8A
As soon as he heard of the engagement, Crittenden sent a 500 man relief force under Col. James Jackson of the Third Kentucky Cavalry. However, by the time they arrived in the area. Forrest was gone, well on his way back to Greenville. The 1861 Station Baptist Church was approx. 4 miles north of Sacramento on the east side of Hwy 81. The present day church is 5.1 mi north of Sacramento on the west side

  (October 2008) Enlarge View from Tour Stop-8A

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