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(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 5 (Unfinished Railroad), view looking southwest. 2002 NPS Tour Guide: Jackson's line covered a front of about one and one-half miles, extending from near the Sudley Church to a point three-quarters of a mile southwest of here. The center of his line rested in this area. The focal point of Jackson's position was the bed of the unfinished railroad. The grade is still visible running into the woods on both sides of the road
Information Tablet (The Unfinished Railroad)

More photos of the R/R cut (Jackson's Line) May 2004 photos courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC

(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 5 (Unfinished Railroad). View looking southwest from fence in previous photo


(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 6 (Deep Cut). The cut is on the crest of the ridge in the background. 2002 NPS Tour Guide: The morning of August 30 passed quietly. Just before noon, erroneously concluding the Confederates were retreating, Pope ordered his army forward in "pursuit." The pursuit, however, was short-lived. Pope found that Lee had gone nowhere. Amazingly, Pope ordered yet another attack against Jackson's line. More than 5,000 troops under Gen. Fitz-John Porter moved forward across the road into the field and crashed into Jackson's line in the around the "Deep Cut." There the Southerners held firmly, and Porter's column was hurled back in a bloody repulse. A trail of about one-third of a mile begins at the road and traces the footsteps of Porter's gallant troops
Information Tablet (Deep Cut - Porter's Attack)

(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 7 (Groveton). 2002 NPS Tour Guide: The small, white frame L. Dogan House is all that remains of the wartime village of Groveton and one of only three Civil War era houses remaining in the park. Nearby Groveton Confederate Cemetery contains the remains of more than 260 Confederate soldiers. The identity of only a handful is known. Site Marker: Lucinda Dogan House. This house is the only remaining structure of the crossroads community of Groveton. Originally built as an overseer's cabin, it became the Dogan family's primary dwelling after the main house, "Peach Grove," burned in 1860

(5-04) Near Groveton. 14th Brooklyn (NY) regiment monument
Photo by Brian Duckworth

(5-04) Close-up of monument 14th Brooklyn monument from the Groveton Confederate cemetery
More 14th Brooklyn monument photos

Groveton Confederate cemetery
Photos by Brian Duckworth

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