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(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 9 (Chinn Ridge), view looking southeast. 2002 NPS Tour Guide: Stretched along this ridge, Union troops desperately struggled on August 30 to delay Longstreet's counterattack upon Pope's vulnerable left flank long enough for Pope to form a rearguard on Henry hill. The stone foundation is all that remains of Hazel Plain, the house of Benjamin Chinn. A trail leads to the boulder marker for Col. Fletcher Webster, eldest son of Sen. Daniel Webster, killed leading the 12th Massachusetts infantry into battle

(7-02) 2nd Manassas Tour Stop 9 (Chinn Ridge). The Benjamin Chinn House site


(7-02) 2nd Manassas Tour Stop 9 (Chinn Ridge). View looking north toward fence line mentioned in tablet below
Information Tablet (Fight at the Fence Line)

(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 10 (Portici), view looking east. 2002 NPS Tour Guide: The plantation house of Francis Lewis stood atop the ridge to the east. Massive brick chimneys flanked the frame house, which had served as the Confederate headquarters during the First Battle of Manassas. On August 30, 1862, during the Second Battle of Manassas, Union and Confederate cavalry clashed on these fields. The house was destroyed by fire in late 1862

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