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(4-12) Enlarge Stone House
Photo by George Petropol, Manassas, VA

(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 3 (Matthews Hill), view looking south. 2002 NPS Tour Guide: On August 29, Pope's army found Jackson's troops behind the cuts and fills of an unfinished railroad grade west of here. Throughout the day the fields across the road were awash with Union soldiers forming for assaults against the Confederates. Jackson's line was strained, but remained unbroken. Union artillery batteries took position along the ridge across the road, while Pope's headquarters were established on Buck Hill south of here


(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 3 (Matthews Hill), view looking west

(7-022nd Manassas Tour Stop 4 (Sudley), view looking west. 2002 NPS Tour Guide: Throughout the day on August 29, Federal troops made several unsuccessful attempts to smash through the extreme left of Jackson's line, positioned on the knoll just west of here. While the fighting raged here, far to the south across the Warrenton Turnpike, Longstreet's troops arrived on the battlefield and, unknown to Pope, deployed on Jackson's right flank, overlapping the exposed Union left. Lee urged Longstreet to attack, but "Old Pete" demurred. The time was just not right, he said
Information Tablet (Church During Wartime)


(7-02) 2nd Manassas Tour Stop 4 (Sudley), view looking south. Sudley Road (wartime Manassas - Sudley Road) is in the background. Site Marker: The Unfinished Railroad. These cuts and fills are what remain of the Independent Line of the Manassas Gap Railroad. The Independent Line was constructed in the mid-1850's to connect Gainesville, 5 miles to the west, with Alexandria, 25 miles to the east. After completing the grade, the Manassas Gap Railroad Company ran out of money. No track was ever laid


(5-04) 2nd Manassas Tour Stop 4 (Sudley)
Photo by Brian Duckworth


(5-04) 2nd Manassas Tour Stop 4 (Sudley). Third Sudley Methodist Church
Photo by Brian Duckworth


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