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(7-02Detail Stonewall Jackson Statue on Henry Hill, view looking east
  Side     Front      Statue


(5-04) CSA Brig. Gen. Francis Bartow mortally wounded. Marker located in a grove of trees below the Jackson statue
Photo by Brian Duckworth


(5-04) Detail Gen. Barnard Elliott Bee death site
Photo by Brian Duckworth

More May 2004 Henry Hill photos courtesy of Brian Duckworth


(7-02) The rebuilt Henry House and the Union Soldiers built Henry Hill Monument
Information Tablet (Invaded Farmland)

(7-02) Henry Hill Monument
Information Tablet (Honoring the Dead)
  (7-02) The Henry House. View looking south toward the Visitor Center
Information Tablet (Henry Hill Walking Tour)
Panorama (Henry House and Rickett's Battery)

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