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(1-2004) Gen. N. B. Forrest's Command Position. The view is looking toward the Union Main Redoubt on the high ground in the distance. 1993 Tour Guide: After having two horses shot from under him while scouting the surrounding area, Gen. Forrest took a position in this area where he could observe the Federal fort. From here he sent the message for the truce and surrender demand. His command "Move Up" started the Confederate assault on the Union Main Redoubt
Matt Herring photo

(3-93) Confederate Sharpshooters Position. The Union Main Redoubt is on the hill in the left background


(2005) Confederate occupied ravine. The footbridge is on the trail to the Union fort
Interpretive Marker: Confederate Occupied Ravine
Russ Warner photos

  (2005) Confederate occupied ravine
Interpretive Marker: Union Barracks The barracks site is across the bridge in previous photo. Russ Warner photos
Interpretive Marker (2012): Fort Pillow Cabin Town Steven Hippensteel photo

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