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(January 2012) Enlarge Exploded shell fragments
Steven Hippensteel photo

(2005) Enlarge Shell display
Russ Warner photo


(3-93) Outer Breastworks. This section is south of the Union Main Redoubt. 1993 Tour Guide: A "U" shaped line of breastworks almost three miles long with ends terminating on the river bluffs was constructed by Confederates in 1861-62. All trees were cleared for about one-half mile outside the fort. This line was designed to protect the fort from assault by land


(3-93) Outer Breastworks behind sign in previous photo


(January 2012) Enlarge Near this location at about 9 am on April 12, Forrest reached the field of battle with his staff, escort and a detachment under Lt. Col. Wisdom after riding 72 miles from Jackson, since 6 am on April 11
Steven Hippensteel photo


(3-93) Inner Breastworks. 1993 Tour Guide: This second line of breastworks located on the ridge between the long line of Outer Breastworks and the Main Redoubt were constructed by Confederate Brig. Gen. J. B. Villepigul in 1861-62 who found the Outer Breastworks too long for his available garrison to hold

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