Fort Pillow, Tennessee

1. Steven Hippensteel, MS: 2012
2. Russ Warner, PA: 2005
3. Matt Hering, TN: 2004
4. Brian Risher, MS: 2002
5. Webmaster, OK: 1993

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Fort Pillow State Historic Park

Park Brochure   Map

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1861-1862 Breastworks
Black Union Troops
Confederate Occupied Ravine
Confederate Sharpshooters Position
Controversy   2   3
Forrest Command Position
Forrest Enters
Forrest SCV CSA Medal of Honor
Fort Pillow Cabin Town
Fort Pillow Diorama
Fort Pillow Plan
Fort Pillow Wartime Sketch   2
Frank Garner Mem. Interpretive Center
Inner Breastworks
Memorial Cemetery: 1866-1867
National Historic Landmark Marker
New Mississippi River Channel
Old Mississippi River Bed   2   3
Outer Breastworks
Second Line of Breastworks
Simon Peter Driver
Start of Confederate Assault
Truce and Surrender Demand
Union Barracks
Union Main Redoubt   2   3   4   5
Union Mass Burial Site
Union Rifle Pit
USCT Pvt Peter Williams
Visitor Center   2   3   4   5
Water Batteries
Interpretive Markers:    
6 Pounder James Rifles
10 Pounder Parrot Rifles
12 Pounder Howitzers
Confederate Occupied Ravine
Confederate Water Battery
Confederate Water Batteries
Earthworks Over River Batteries
Fort Pillow 1861-1862
Fort Pillow 1864. Union Mass Burial Site
Fort Pillow Cabin Town
Fort Pillow Controversy
Fort Pillow Timeline
Memorial Cemetery (2005)
Memorial Cemetery (2012)
Mississippi River Has Moved
Union Artillery 12-Pound Howitzers
Union Artillery 10-Pound Parrots
Union Artillery at Beginning of the Battle
Union Barracks
Union Rifle Pit
Strategic Location

(2005) Entrance to Fort Pillow State Historic Park
Russ Warner photo

(January 2012) Enlarge Fort Pillow designated as a National Historic Landmark
Steven Hippensteel photo


(2005) Frank Garner Memorial Interpretive Center
Russ Warner photo

(2005) Enlarge The Controversy
Russ Warner photo

(January 2012) Enlarge Haversack contents
Steven Hippensteel photo

(January 2012) Enlarge USCT Pvt Peter Williams Memorial
Steven Hippensteel photo

(January 2012) Enlarge Detail Stomach Bitters
Steven Hippensteel photo
  (January 2012) Enlarge Relic case
Steven Hippensteel photo

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