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Drummer Boy Museum

(January 2004) Entrance to the National Prisoner of War Museum and Andersonville Prison site

Jim L. Burden photo


(July 2001) National Prisoner of War Museum, Andersonville, Ga.
Site Marker:
This building is a memorial to all Americans held as prisoners of war. Through exhibits and video presentations, the museum is a reminder that America's freedoms can come at great cost. The museum's architecture is not based on a specific place but is meant to evoke prison guard towers and stockades in general. Development of this landmark resulted from a partnership of many different individuals and groups, including the American Ex-Prisoners of War and the Friends of Andersonville
Marker (National Prisoner of War Museum)

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(July 2001) Entrance to the museum
Webmaster photo

(January 2004) Museum
Jim L. Burden photo

(January 2004) Museum

Jim L. Burden photo

(March 2010) Enlarge Museum

Walter Kasperczyk photo


(July 2001) Museum Display. Prisoners who shared shelter, food, water and body heat increased their chances of survival. This etched canteen belonged to five Andersonville prisoners who ate in the same mess, a father and three sons named Shatswell and a fifth named George F. Noble. All survived their imprisonment

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(July 2001) "Housewife" used at Andersonville

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