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(July 2001) View from a Pigeon-Roost. Reconstructed northeast corner in right center, view looking north
NPS Tour Guide (The Stockade):
The inner row of posts marks the location of the deadline. Prisoners were forbidden to cross the 4-foot high rail. The outer row of posts marks the location of the stockade wall. It was built of 20-foot pine logs sunk 5 feet into the ground. The northeast corner, and the North Gate and adjoining walls, are reconstructed

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Marker (View from a Pigeon-Roost) Walter Kasperczyk photo


(July 2001) The Stockade. The view is looking south from point near the northeast corner of the stockade. The posts at left marks the stockade wall. The posts at right marks the deadline

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(July 2001) Reconstructed "Shebangs" at northeast corner of the stockade. The deadline can be seen at right center

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Photos (Reconstructed "Shebangs")
Marker (Pigeon-Roosts)
Marker (Shebangs) Walter Kasperczyk photo


(July 2001) Confederate earthworks near northeast corner of the stockade

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(April 2014) Enlarge Reconstructed Northeast Wall and "Shebangs"
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(July 2001) Pigeon-Roost at northeast corner of reconstructed stockade

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(July 2001) Clara Barton monument at northwest corner of stockade.
In commemoration of the untiring devotion of Clara Barton. She organized and administered efficient measures for the relief of our soldiers in the field and aided in the great work of preserving the names of more than twelve thousand of the brave men who died here. Erected by the Woman's Relief Corps, auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, 1915

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